Alex Muchiri


Alex Muchiri, 24 Years Old, IT Specialist.

I joined Jijali to learn how to go about job searching, preparing for interviews and how to write my CV. I have seen the fruits of this as I am currently one among 86 shortlisted candidates in a company that’s been conducting a mass recruitment. I went through the interviews up until the last stage. Expressing myself and my value was quite a challenge and I take pride in coming up with a personal value proposition.

Steve Onkeo


Steve Onkeo, 26 Years Old, Finance Professional.

I have in mind the career I want to build. I needed direction though, so I joined Jijali’s Career Start Program. Through the program, I learnt how to write my CV and how to conduct myself and communicate in interviews. Prior to that, I did not know how to tailor my CV to different job positions. I also started enjoying self-learning. The workshops were awesome, very engaging and interactive. Having a mentor was my favorite part of the journey.

Gloria Mbilia


Gloria Mbilia, 30 Years Old, Entrepreneur.

I enrolled in Jijali because I wanted to improve my entrepreneurial skills. I started a business recently and it has been really hard. I now know what to consider before starting a business, how to run it, make sales and market. I have more knowledge on business and budgeting. The training was very practical. I also had a great mentor who supported me.

Saisi Shiribwa


Saisi Shiribwa, 28 Years Old, Entrepreneur, Founder of Pixel Design Agency.

I joined Jijali to push myself and make myself go the extra mile. I also wanted to view business from a different perspective. Having a mentor was the best part of the program. My mentor was really helpful and encouraging. In enrolling for the training, I sought to do better, but initially, I feared diving deep. Since taking the training, I have been able to perform a financial analysis of my business as well as projections. Sharing ideas with other people and getting out of my comfort zone has been really fun.

Brian Musau


Brian Musau, 20 Years Old, Entrepreneur.

I was referred to Jijali by a friend. The challenge I sought to solve was building on my business. I had started a poultry business and wasn’t sure how I would sustain it but realized that it would become sustainable over time. Learning about human-centred design was fun and my favorite. My perspective about entrepreneurs really changed for the better.