The critical role of agriculture in Kenya’s economy

The critical role of agriculture in Kenya’s economy

Agriculture plays a critical role in Kenya’s economy. The sector provides employment to more than 40 per cent of the total population with more than 70 per cent being in Kenya’s rural areas. Although agriculture is a major contributor to the country’s Gross Domestic Product, the level of productivity has been on the decline. Co-operative Bank has a unique market position given that co-operatives in Kenya are its major stakeholders. Therefore, the Bank is well positioned to contribute towards growing levels of agricultural productivity and food security. Our support to small-scale farmers through co-operatives and organized groups makes our communities economically stronger with increased incomes and improved livelihoods.


We aim at providing support to enhance smallholder farmers’ productivity by:

  1. Strengthening producer organizations to improve business management skills, marketing, financial, administrative and organizational performance
  2. Improving access to financial services, credit and insurance
  3. Promoting agribusiness


Growth in agriculture… is there anything cool for the youth?

Pre-University Induction

  • 655 needy students to benefit from Co-op Bank scholarships


  • 5,900 students benefit from Co-op Bank scholarships


Co-op Foundation… Making a Difference

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  • Ministry of Health
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