Supporting best practices in environmental protection

Supporting best practices in environmental protection

Supporting best practices in environmental protection

The impact of environmental degradation is the erosion and reversal of development gains. This is because of natural calamities and human activities which lead to habitat loss thus exposing our communities to various risks. Interventions in this area aim at ensuring our livelihoods are sustained without endangering the lives of our future generations.

Our Board has approved our Environmental and Social Management Policy to ensure positive impact. Some of the initiatives under this pillar include:

    • Waste minimization: The bank has proactively adopted a 3 Rs policy of Retain, Recycle and Re-use, whereby shredded papers are given to recyclers, used envelopes are reused internally and catalogues of assets and users are maintained for internal shifting from idle stations to where they are required.
    • Emission reduction: We help our customers to transition to a low carbon economy by providing funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy generation projects.

Co-operative Bank Foundation champions honest and transparent relationships with the regulator for compliance. We seek to establish partnerships with industry members, government agencies, relevant environmental bodies, suppliers, customers and the public to promote and achieve a high standard of environmental protection.

To review and strengthen environmental plans (the use and of energy and water etc.) in relation to climate change and adverse weather events
  • To promote the use of renewable energy technologies such as Bio mass digesters , solar energy and others in an effort to reduce the level of environmental degradation in rural Kenya
  • Promote the use of safe and sustainable waste management policies and procedures
  • To network and identify best practice from national and local sustainability and carbon reduction groups

Growth in agriculture… is there anything cool for the youth?

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  • 5,900 students benefit from Co-op Bank scholarships


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