Increasing access to better financial opportunities

Increasing access to better financial opportunities

Increasing access to better financial opportunities

Financial literacy is directly related to our business as a bank and we therefore have a responsibility and the unique ability through our financial skills and expertise to make a strong contribution to our community. Making financial decisions is part of life and young people and adults today must make increasingly important and complex choices about consumption, saving and investing. Basic financial literacy is a life skill that is very vital and a foundation for personal and national prosperity.

Increasing poor people’s access to better economic opportunities and financial tools can also help accelerate the rate at which they climb out of poverty and hold on to economic gains. Effective tools for savings, payment, credit, and insurance if readily available can help households improve their economic situations. The economically disadvantaged people don’t have formal accounts at financial institutions and they operate entirely on a cash economy. This means they use their cash, assets, informal lenders etc. to meet their financial needs which is insecure and expensive.

Contribute to raising financial literacy levels and extending financial inclusion to youth and women of low income communities thus increasing their access of better financial opportunities, tools and services.
  • Work with providers e.g. Co-op Kwa Jirani to extend the reach of digital payment systems into the community thereby extend financial inclusion through increased adoption of technology
  • Work with the bank’s client database to identify Co-operative groups that can be greatly impacted by enhanced financial literacy and economic empowerment to contribute significantly to overall national development
  • Strengthen financial and operational growth for savings and credit organizations and enhance the presence of cooperative organizations in the country
  • Provide financial access and enterprise skills to young people and women ensuring that they have the skills to be economically independent

To empower women and youth to not only succeed and advance economically but also to have the power and agency that is have the power to make and act on decisions and control resources and profits

Increasing access to better financial opportunities

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Pre-University Induction

  • 655 needy students to benefit from Co-op Bank scholarships


  • 5,900 students benefit from Co-op Bank scholarships


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